Information Pertaining to COVID-19

Trek Travel is committed to continuing to provide outstanding customer support and timely delivery of all products during this time. With information evolving continually regarding COVID-19, some delays may occur. We will communicate any and all delays to our customers in a timely fashion. We are also taking actions mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring the health of our warehouse employees and cleaning all bicycle touch points with prior to shipment.  

If you have any questions please email us at shop@trektravel.com or call 1-866-464-8735 ext. 15626

Who is Trek Travel?

Trek Travel is a bike tour operator based in Madison, WI. Trek Travel’s mission is to show people the world by bike and to encourage a passion for cycling. We have trips all over the globe, from North America and Europe to Asia and South America. Trek Travel guarantees departure on the majority of our trips and provides guests with the best bikes on the market, including e-bikes. Explore Trek Travel cycling vacations at trektravel.com.

Why Does Trek Travel Sell Bikes? 

The world's best bikes just keep getting better. In order to provide our guests with the very best experience, we're constantly upgrading our fleet to the latest and greatest Trek bikes. What does that mean for you? The world's best bikes from last year are available for sale for a wicked good deal!

Quality Assurance 

Buying a bike online shouldn’t be stressful. At Trek Travel, we take pride in offering the highest-quality, most standardized used bikes available. In doing so, we developed a rigorous 52-point inspection that each bike must undergo prior to packing. Our professional mechanics spend hours meticulously cleaning, checking, and tuning every part of the bike. If anything doesn't meet or exceed our benchmarks, it's either repaired or replaced.  

After all 52 boxes are checked by our technicians, the inspection sheet is placed in the bike box to ship to you. Rest assured, when you purchase a Trek Travel used bike, you know it's as good as it gets. 

Cosmetic Condition

Beyond making sure the bike is functionally impeccable, we strive to be as transparent as possible in the cosmetic condition of our bikes. As used bikes, the frames and components do have some scratches and scuffs from handling, transport, and adventures on the road.

While our mechanics closely examine these imperfections to verify that they're strictly cosmetic flaws, we still understand the importance of a bike that looks as good as it rides.

In an effort to give our buyers a clearer picture of what to expect, we created an album of representative photos (linked below) that show an example of an average fleet bike's cosmetic wear. While there will always be deviation from this standard, we will never sell a bike with an abnormal level of cosmetic wear online. If we see something out of the ordinary, we set that bike aside for local sale.

If you have further questions about the cosmetics of a bike, please reach out! We're happy to answer questions and send pictures of bikes.

Buyer Protection 

Like any used Trek bicycle, the manufacturer's warranty does not extend past the first owner of the bike. So we decided to take matters into our own hands. 

Each Trek Travel bicycle sold includes the Trek Travel 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee covers the buyer in the unlikely scenario we missed something and there's a discrepancy in our 52-point inspection. If the bicycle wasn't up to the standards we said it was, just let us know and we will make it right!

The Satisfaction Guarantee does not cover cosmetics. Our bikes are used, so it's safe to expect some scratches and scuffs from normal wear and tear. If you have further questions about the cosmetics of the bike, please see our representative photos (linked below) or don't hesitate to contact us!

In the rare case you do have a problem with your bike, please let us know immediately. We will work to get the issue resolved as swiftly as possible. We are not able to cover any bike shop or parts expenses after the fact.


First and foremost, our mechanics pad and secure the bikes to ensure they’ll arrive in just as beautiful condition as we packed them. In the unlikely case a package is lost or damaged, please retain all packaging and contact us immediately. 


What's better than a professionally maintained used bike? Professional assembly to top it off. We recommend shipping your bike directly to your nearest Trek shop for professional assembly, and to purchase any necessary accessories for your sweet new ride.

To ship to your Trek shop, just input the shop's information in the shipping address and we will send it directly there. Please note, the buyer is responsible for notifying the Trek shop of the inbound shipment as well as any assembly costs from the shop.

Should you not have access to a Trek shop or happen to be a savvy mechanic yourself, you may choose to have it shipped directly to your door. If so, please see our Home Assembly Guide at the bottom of this page for assembly instructions. 

Parts Swaps 

Bikes are packed to ship with the boxes sealed, so we’re not able to offer components swaps from the stock build listed on each bike’s specifications. Visit your local Trek shop for any products needed if a fit change is necessary. 

Returns & Exchanges 
Due to the nature of these items, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final. We stand behind these bikes with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee. 


All transactions must be processed on shop.trektravel.com. We accept payments from Visa, Master Card, Discover. We cannot accept payment from Trek credit cards or American Express. Bike Discount Codes are not applicable to purchases on this site and are only redeemable for new Trek bikes purchased at your local Trek dealer. 

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